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by Diverter

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This feeling consumes me It infects my inner core And I'm rotting from the inside out You are watching me deteriorate before your eyes There is nothing I can do to save me from this never ending insanity Will this ever end? WILL THIS EVER FUCKING END? Everything that I loved is dead I just need to put a bullet in my head FUCK Everything you believe I can't control myself, I can't break free I just need to get a grasp on this reality I'd give anything to not become victim of this mindless suffering Mindless suffering! They say a sick mind is incompetent of feeling anything at all I just want to die alone I just want to die alone Is there anybody out there That could save me from this Hell I've made Hell I've made Is there a reason for me anymore? Fuck all the haters, you don't need 'em no more I'll take my life back, and set myself free Oh god, I was my own worst enemy My own worst enemy!
L.O.S.T. 04:45
I come bearing no crown So keep my name out your mouth You’ll soon feel the disease You’ll soon feel the disease! It fills your soul with a certain desire You just need to let go and let it acquire YOU Oh, God, I feel it It’s taking over again It’s building up like a cancer Forming deep within Metastasizing like the demons inside my head FUCK IT I’ll show the world what it’s like to feel DEAD! This field of despair That I find my solace in I dropped my restraints And the demons are finally on their way in I come bearing no crown So keep my name out your mouth You’ll soon feel the disease You’ll soon feel the disease. It fills my soul with a certain desire I let it take my soul and it has acquired me I can’t live like this for much longer It’s getting harder for me to breathe Waking up feels like a burden I don’t want to bear But I’ll see this 'till the bitter fucking end 'Till the bitter fucking end 'Till the bitter fucking end I keep telling myself that it’s not the end Can I really give up this easily? I can’t give into this deep despair That I’ve come to know too easily Can I save me From myself? Can I save me!? Can I save me?!
Hereditary 04:24


released October 31, 2019

Mixed/Mastered/Produced by Davide Aroldi of HVZE (www.facebook.com/hvzesound/)

Stream Video by Jeremy Stegman (www.facebook.com/jjstegman)

Artwork by Billy Collier of Nightmare Designs (www.facebook.com/NightmareDesignsrva/)

Logo by Fany Sejati

Rollin Ritter: Vocals and Lyrics

Skylar Wanke: Instrumentation





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Metalcore/Deathcore from Alaska and Wyoming

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